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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  March 22, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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care. >> parts of this bill will take effect. >> reporter: it'll immediately give seniors rebates to pay for prescription drugs, ban insurance companies denying sick children and prohibit them from limiting the amount you get in a lifetime. in 2014 it requires nearly all americans to have health insurance, it's expected to expand coverage to 32 million. >> not the number of pages in the bill. >> reporter: it also prohibits denial based on preexisting conditions. still republicans are not sold. >> we can help people with preexisting conditions without slashing medicare. >> reporter: then the cost. tax increases on households making $250,000 and up and half a billion dollars in cuts to medicare. a dramatic transformation starting tomorrow. >> that campaign to repeal it isn't just talk. republicans have launched a fundraising drive and
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introduced a bill to do just that. >> another part of the bill that has nothing to do with health care but does make washington the one stop shop for student loans and to boost funding for need based scholarships. voting along party lines they voted to cut out the bank middle man when it comes to student loans. under the new program nearly all federally backed student loans would come straight from the government. the health care reform bill has been onto minds of congress and the machine people for some time. we have the reaction. >> reporter: at chicken roost the stove was hot and so was the conversation. >> always been an issue. the way they did it is even a bigger issue. >> act time we did something
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but it's like we were the only country in the world to not have something. not like it's the greatest thing ever but it's improvement. >> outraged about the whole thing. even difficult for me to put in words. >> a lot of the problem came from -- >> wait. before we say anything else. >> for you young folk itself are you living at home -- up to 26. yeah. yeah. >> new reality. it's a virtual world. unfortunately. >> i'm glad the bill passed. i don't know what it'll change, i don't know what it'll do. i know it won't be perfect. [inaudible] >> reporter: according to the latest poll of united states citizens 44% of them feel the health care bill will make
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things worst. i don't think the debate is over with yet. don harrison. >> now the health care talk isn't over yet. a bill that outlines changes and gets rid of special provisions is going to the senate. one expects another healthy round of debate as colleagues weigh in on reform. >> it shouldn't be controversial but it'll be because everything in health care is. it'll take some timew. will have many amendments. we will have problems i'm sure we will have to deal with. at the end of the day the senate will pass the bill. >> reporter: of course we want your opinions. many have been posting on the website and facebook. one comment, there is so much more here than just seeing people get insurance coverage. there lies the dangers in the bill. did you or any of us get a questionnaire or asked our input or concerns?
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if you want to share your opinions log on to the website. >> its been a lit of a wet day. big change from the weekend. i want to show you right now where we are seeing shower activity. mainly north and west of the city toward belaire and westminister. then i want to put this -- radar into live mode and show you some of the clusters. clusters of storm. watching out for a few more showers and heavy thunderstorms at times. its going to be hit and miss and on and off stuff. here is a look at this forecast. scattered showers with rain, maybe a few thunderstorms in the mix. we will talk more about tomorrow and then much better weather toward the middle of the week. >> all right. thank you. a woman convicted of killing her two adopted daughters and
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putting them in a freezer has been sentenced to life. she was convicted of two counts of first degree murder and three counts of child abuse in january. she was sentenced to 25 years for abusing her surviving daughter. a 4-year-old boy was killed after the atv he was driving overturned in a creek and pinned him under the water. the sheriff's office said the boy died yesterday after the accident on saturday. investigators say he was playing with family when apparently he wandered off unnoticed by the group. the family wasn't aware he was on the atv. his death has been ruled accidental movement police looking for suspects in the death of a comcast employee. carlos williams was in his company van around 6:00 yesterday morning in the 1900 block of boone street when
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three people approached him, one of them shooting him. a burglary suspect who backed a box truck into a liquor store is in jail. he is charged with burglary, theft and destruction of property. police say he drove a box truck into nursery road like you'res early saturday morning. he stole cigarettes the store, he also had stolen the truck. now the latest tonight on toyota. the automaker facing a class action lawsuit in federal court. three groups of investors claim toyota executives knew about the accelerator problem for nearly a decade and misled them. toyota is facing a number of lawsuits over the problems. executives have not commented on the lawsuits. police now they the driver of the car in new york -- there was no mechanical or electrical
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failure in the car. a 56-year-old was driving said it sped up on its own despite her brakes. it hit a stone wall. police say the gas pedal was pressed all the way to the point of impact and there was no sign that the break had been applied at all. former president george w bush and bill clip to arrived in haiti. clinton arrived in haiti. protesters plan to demonstrate and demand more aid. clinton the united states relationship with israel has gone through some tense moments in the past few weeks. the prime minister arrived in washington today for three days of talks. the crisis actually started about two weeks ago. the vice president was in the area to work on new peace talk
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when is israel announced it's 1600 new settlements would be built in east jerusalem. the prime minister said he wouldn't stop construction. the secretary of state criticized the proposed plan. >> new construction in east jerusalem or the west bank undermines the trust and endangers the talk that are the first steps toward the full negotiation that both sides say they want and need. >> the prime minister meet was the president this week and is expected to discuss the actions israel will take to improve the atmosphere. we have sad news from baltimore the 11 day old dolphin calf died. it was cared for and nursed by her mother and another experienced mother. the cause of death is not known this jade's second calf. her first will turn three in
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september. no congress approved historic legislation. what does this bill mean to you? we will have an expert to shed light on the situation. and your baby may need more vitamin d. why not getting enough could increase the chance of getting cancer. tiger woods answering questions for the first time since word of his affairs broke. what he is saying about the scandal. . looking at baltimore, sitting at 60 degrees. its been gloomly and gray all day we have details of hopefully improving forecast coming up. ro
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of house policy and management joins news to break it down. >> i will give a way. >> what does this mean. i have insurance here. >> you insurance it won't make that much a difference. it'll make a difference to 35 million who now will be able to get insurance if they couldn't beforef. have you it, you are happy with it, your boss provide it's it won't make a big difference. people without insurance are now partly on your bills. our bills may get a little bit lower. at first some people, most republicans didn't like medicare and there were issues but now nobody would go back on medicare. i think in the future we will see it as one of the most important things in the health care system since 65. >> what about people worrying about premiums. >> i think they will go down. i believe premiums will go down. people, let's say middle income to low income will get help.
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a typical family could if they are on their own pay $15,000 for health insurance. now a family making $30,000 will only have to pay a thousand dollars. it'll be helped by the government. >> now there were worries about seniors and medicare. >> medicare isn't really going to change. if you are on medicare you will keep the card. one good news is right away that doughnut hole, if somebody has drug coverage the government pays and all of the sudden there is no payment and then they pay again. there will be help as early as next year and eventually it'll go away. seniors shouldn't worry. one thing that will happen is high income individuals, $250,000 are going to pay .9% more taxes for medicare coverage. it's not taxes, it's coverage to help pay for the medicare
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program. then people within vestment income, if they makeover a quarter million dollars a year. we aren't talking about low income. >> there seems to have been a lot of give and take but it's a real political issue. >> yeah. i have been following health care for 30 years, it would have been -- edwin say this is a government take cover. private will stay in place there. is no public option. everybody will get health insurance and some criticize that for private insurance. the most important thing is very soon, it'll take time, if you are sick the insurance company can kick you out and that's not the way it is today. also important small employers next year will get a big tax break if they want to try to
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get tax insurance. in four years everybody will have to move toward buying insurance. if are you low income, government will help you. if are you high income you will still have to do it or there will be a tax penalty. >> okay. thank you very much. >> thank you for inviting me. >> this has been a hot topic. the health care bid has many of you talking about it. 77% say you don't think this health care bill will help you while 22% say you think it'll. the facebook comments getting pretty heated. some call it a sad day for the country. others who say they are happy that the bill passed. you have the opportunity to join in on the conversation on the facebook fan page. join in the conversation. in tonight's health alert
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vitamin d. we all know how important it is to growing kids and adults. a new study finds many babies are not receiving enough vitamin d. the consequences may not appear for many years but they are serious. >> reporter: babies not getting enough vitamin d face a possible increased risk for cancer and other diseases later in life. a report looked at data on infants done between 2005 and 2007. some of the infants were breast fed, some given formula and others had mixed feedings. the study showed only half of the babies got 200 units of vitamin d a day. the amount recommended in 2003. less than 25% met the new 2008 guidelines of 400 units a day.
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breast feeding the ideal method. babies normally don't get a good enough supply of vitamin d from other sources. if the child consumes less than a quart of formulaa day more is needed to meet guidelines. with this medical minute. timothy johnson. >> pepsi plans to start using a new type of salt in its chips. the salt has crystal that are sized and shaped that it'll reduce your sodium intake. pepsi will start using it in its chippings this movement. >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather radar. >> one word to describe the day. yuck. >> well you know, the weekend we had. >> it was beautiful.
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>> the rain held off until monday this is the second or third weekend. you wake up. >> monday. >> cold. we have another day of this or so. tomorrow little less rain and then wednesday and thursday looks nice. few spring showers. let's look outside. slick roads. as you continue to travel you will see that things are going to stay slick out there. i want to show you some of the current conditions right now and you can see basically 61 and a cloudy sky. that's going to be the story. let's show you that. the time l aps e in motion. gray skies, cloudy situation. that was the deal today and some of the rainfall totals, just about a half inch. in some cases a little more. about just over a third of an inch. maybe if we can take this part
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full screen. i want to show where a couple of these showers are. you can see it depends where you are. we will put it into five sweet mode. you have five scans. pretty clear across baltimore. roads are left. that is severe thunderstorm moving in the southwestern dc right now into the southwest suburbs. we could hear the thunder as the showers continue to move across the state. temperature wise low to mid60s. not a bad day. the trend isn't much cooling yet. i think we will eventually drop down. wind around 24 to 25 miles an hour. you can see cloudy, showers, storms. in a break of the action here in baltimore. off to the south and west a little more rain could swing up on the back side of this storm. it's a pretty large storm centered over knoxville tennessee and cooler air wrap
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around that system. you can see cool air coming in. it was different today temperature wise. the forecast model you see a couple showers and storms upon overnight and tomorrow. tomorrow just a few showers but still a gray day. wednesday things clear up real nicely and that will set the stage for a better looking day. 45 cloudy with rain. scattered showers tomorrow. 57 degrees, cloudy, still the chance for more rain tomorrow night. things will clear out. the showers ending and it sets the stage for a nice set up here toward the middle of the week. that seven day forecast. you see the chance for more showers tomorrow. probably less rain. wednesday and thursday lots of sun. dryer weather on tap and above average. not back to the 70s but still above 10 degrees. not bad as we wrap up the week. even the start of the weekend looks good on saturday. >> all right.
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thank you. baltimore's population is shrinking but some areas seeing a boom. vital signs and life data. the report said the city has lost about 3% of its residents since 2000. but downtown has grown in population by 22%. lock raven by more than 8% and northwood by 10%. who is taking a swipe at the house speaker. and the new season of dancing the stars kicking off tonight right here on abc2. we get a sneak peek.
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. breaking news. the once powerful group acorn is no more. it's board decided to close all field offices by april 1st. the baltimore office already closed after that scandal that made national headlines. workers were caught on tape giving tax tips to people posing as a prostitute and pimp. many are doing similar work but changing the name. acorn said it has lost to much money to continue. working on brand new stories. coming up new the chilling calls in a murder suicide. many people are skeptical about certain questions on the census form. how to get around questions some say are to personal. plus 11 stars will make their debut on the dance floor. the new season of dancing with the stars kicks off tonight
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right here on abc2. those and more plus the forecast coming up at 5:30. . let's take a look at what's taking place. sacramento california where two men are now dead after a road rage battle. it started continued for several mile its with curses and hand gestures but it turned ugly when one of the men got out and shot the other driver before killing himself. in colorado a state trooper finds himself on the wrong side of the law. authorities say the 48-year-old was arrested this morning on suspicious of drunk driving. he was pulled over after witnesses reported seeing a state patrol car driving wildly on the interstate. authorities say he had a gun on him at the time which is illegal for anyone drunk. they haven't said if he was on duty. and at the capitol
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washington an iowa congressman voiced his opinion about health care bill during a protest he held up a poster with a picture of the house speaker on it. he then proceeded to give the thumbs down and wipe his hand across her face. the president traveled to four states and lobbied dozens of lawmakers to get the health care bill passed but some still oppose it. a look at what it means for november elections coming up. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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